World of Cyclocross

Cyclocross made more gains in popularity when Octave Lapize attributed his win of the Tour de France to his offseason training in cyclocross. This was way back in 1910.

Excitement of the Sport

It is incredibly fun to challenge yourself. Cyclocross racers must often dismount and run with the bike over their shoulder. This makes the race more technical in handling and more fun to watch. Imagine being caked in mud, jumping out of your eggbeater pedals, and running up a steep slope with your bike over your shoulder. It feels like you are back to your primal days. Instinctively, the sport fuels the competitive raw fire within.


Cyclocross Races

There are races all over the country. Nearly every state has a race or two going on. There are also the National Championships every year (this year in Bend, Oregon) and the International World Championships. It is like the Olympics. Each country or city can put in a bid to be the host.

Good Cyclocross Bikes to Have

A cyclocross bike is often thought of as a racing bike, but it is so much more than that. Since the sport is so tough on the bikes, they are made with sturdier frames, stronger and lower gears to climb hills, and can wear slick tires, flat tread tires, or round knobby tires. That means you have more options of what terrain to ride on. The typical road bike isn't much use in the winter, but the cyclocross bike can be used year round. One reason that the cyclocross is preferred to a mountain bike is that it is much faster, lighter, and still built very sturdy.

Picking out a bicycle

There are a lot of brands out there. Redline and Cannondale are two companies that have reputations for quality and make a cyclocross bike. You need better cycling for your Cyclocross i think you can check

The perfect bike should fit you well. You should be able to straddle the bike with your feet flat on the ground. The bike frame is necessary, but not as important to pick out as you might think. The tires make a larger impact.


I know what you are thinking. How is the cyclocross tire different from a mountain bike tire? The cyclocross tire is more narrow. Even though it has knobbies, it is still created to get more speed. Some tires give you greater control and others will give you higher top speed. Some tires throw off mud well, and others are faster for dirt and sand (file tread tires). Picking the right tire will make a big difference for the race. 

Suppose you have a tire that sheds mud well and rolls better to gain more speed. Someone else with a tire that holds onto dirt and is harder to accelerate with will slow a rider down a lot. The best riders will own lots of different tires and have experience with each to know what is best for each race. 

Many of the tires are also handmade. They are not as mass produced as other kinds of tires. There are subtle differences between brands that can only be experienced. Tufo is a quality brand of cyclocross tire that is speedy, very durable, but less control.